Nantu Wildlife Sanctuary is a conservation forest located in 3 regencies in Gorontalo Province, namely Gorontalo Regency, Boalemo Regency, and North Gorontalo Regency. Initially in 1999, it was designated and has an area of 31,215 Ha, then it was expanded in 2010 to 51,507.33 Ha based on the Decree of the Minister of Forestry No. 325/Menhut-II/2010.

11. Biosites-Nantu Wildlife Sanctuary

Figure 1. Nantu Wildlife Sanctuary

12. Biosites-Babirusa at hotsprings in Nantu Wildlife Sanctuaries

Figure 2. Babirusa at hotsprings in Nantu Wildlife Sanctuary (Photo: Ronny Adolof Buol).

The Nantu Wildlife Reserve is home to Sulawesi endemic animals such as anoa (bubalus depressicornis), Sulawesi black monkey (Macaca heckii), tarsier (tarsius spectrum), Sulawesi cuscus (strigocuscus celebensis), civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus and viverra tangalunga), forest rat (callosciurus notatus) and squirrels (Rubriusciurus rubriventer). 80 species of birds were also recorded, including two species of hornbill endemic to Sulawesi, namely the Sulawesi hornbill (Rhyticeros cassidix) and the small hornbill (Phenelopides exarhatus). Nantu Forest is a wildlife sanctuary which also has a unique nature, namely hot springs containing sulfur and salt. These mineral-rich hot springs are very much needed by mammals.


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