Nene Tane Mela was born in Makkah, 9 Rajab 1300 AD and died in Batudaa, Gorontalo on 17 Ramadan 1432 AD. Nene Tane Mela is a person who contributed to the spread of Islam in Gorontalo. Tane Mele is a human whose half body has a red birthmark. The birthmark is on the body to the toes. With this birthmark, she was nicknamed Nene Tane Mela which means "grandmother with red body".

16. Culture-Nene Tane Mela Tomb

Figure 1. Nene Tane Mela Tomb

17. Culture-Batudaa

Figure 2. Batudaa (big rock) where Nene Tane Mela prays.

The tomb of Nene Tane Mela is near Lake Limboto. The tomb of Nene Tane Mela is located next to the Sulthanul Aulia Alasy Ariah Mosque, Payunga Village, Batudaa District, Gorontalo Regency. The place where Nene Tane Mela prays is a 'batudaa' which means a big rock. The name of Batudaa District is taken from the ‘batudaa’ (big rock) that is used as a place for the Nene Tane Mela prayer.


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