In 1894, Gorontalo was officially made the capital of "Afdeling" by the Dutch East Indies and in this region the center of government, education, settlement and trade activities was carried out. Afdeling was part of a residency and was an administrative area during the colonial rule of the Dutch East Indies, at the district level with an assistant resident as administrator.

3. Culture-One of the buildings in Gorontalo's Old City

Figure 1. Indies-style building in the Old City area of Gorontalo (Photo: Wawan Akuba).

3a. Culture-Indies building

Figure 2. Indies architecture old building (Photo: Wawan Akuba).

The proposed area of the old city is about 158.43 hectares (ha) from the area of Gorontalo City of 7903 ha. This area is divided between the core zone and the buffer zone. The core zone is 68.38 ha, while the buffer zone is 90.05 ha. The area stretches from the center of Gorontalo City around the Youth Youth Field to the South City District, Gorontalo City. Along this area, it was identified that most of the buildings inherited from the colonial era still stand firmly.


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