Hunto Sultan Amai Mosque is the oldest mosque in Gorontalo Province. This mosque was built in 1495 by Sultan Amai, the leader of the Gorontalo Kingdom who first converted to Islam. Hunto stands for Ilohuntungo which means the base or center of the Islamic religious association at that time. The location of the Hunto Sultan Amai Mosque is in Biawu Village, Kota Selatan District, Gorontalo City.

7. Culture-Hunto Mosque

Figure 1. Hunto Mosque (Photo: Burdu).

The Hunto Mosque is the wedding dowry between Sultan Amai and the daughter of King Palasa. This mosque became the basis for the development of Islam in Gorontalo. Sultan Amai even invited a prominent cleric from Saudi Arabia named Sheikh Syarif Abdul Aziz to further develop the spread of Islam in Gorontalo.


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