The Oluhuta site is a site where human skeletons and artifacts were found. The artifacts found at the Oluhuta site have prehistoric cultural characteristics, including a square stone pickaxe as neolithic stone tools, pottery shards and the remains of bronze metal castings.

8. Culture-Oluhuta site human skeleton

Figure 1. Oluhuta site human skeleton (Photo: Archeology Center SULUT).

At this site found 12 human skeletons in good condition and relatively intact condition. The twelve skeletons were found in a regular parallel longitudinal position with an orientation facing west-east. This shows that there has been a patterned human burial culture in this place.

9a. Culture-Mesh ballast pottery

Figure 2. Mesh ballast pottery at the Oluhuta site (Photo: Archeology Center SULUT).

9b. Culture-Pickaxe

Figure 3. Pickaxe at the Oluhuta site (Photo: Archeology Center SULUT).

10. Culture-A team of archaeologists

Figure 4. A team of archaeologists from the Archeology Center of North Sulawesi handles the findings of the Oluhuta human skeleton from the excavation (Photo: Archeology Center SULUT)

The results of dating or determining the age of the site for burning residue (charcoal) obtained from one of the excavation boxes at the Oluhuta Site, have provided an overview of the existence of this site in the past. It is known that this Oluhuta site existed around 530-770 years ago.


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