Soekarno visited Gorontalo for the first time in 1950 and again in 1956. Soekarno visited Gorontalo twice using an amphibious aircraft and landed at Lake Limboto.

12. Culture-Patrol Bomber Catalina

Figure 1. Patrol Bomber Catalina, an amphibious aircraft carrying the first President of the Republic of Indonesia Soekarno to Gorontalo in 1950.

13. Culture-Soekarno landing museum

Figure 2. Soekarno Landing Museum (Photo: Arfandi Ibrahim).

At the Soekarno landing site there is a Dutch heritage building in 1936. The building was later used as the Soekarno Landing Museum. The museum was established to commemorate Soekarno's fighting spirit to defend the Republic of Indonesia.

14. Culture-Ancient objects

Figure 3. Ancient objects in the museum (Photo: Rosyid A. Azhar).

15. Culture-Seokarno photos

Figure 4. Soekarno photos (Photo: Burdu).

The museum is about 15 meters from Lake Limboto. The museum, which is a house with Dutch architecture, measures 5 meters x 15 meters. The room in the museum is divided into two partitions. Inside the museum are displayed ancient objects, such as photographs of Soekarno and banknotes in the early era of Indonesian independence, an old-model transistor radio, and books about Soekarno.


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