The East Biluhu area has karst cliffs that extend around Biluhu Beach. This cliff has a height of approximately 130 meters with a length of about 900 m extending in a west-east direction along the Biluhu coast.

19. Geosite-Biluhu beach

Figure 1. Biluhu Beach.

20. Geosite-Biluhu Karst Cliff

Figure 2. Karst Cliffs.

21. Geosite-Wulingo waterfall

Figure 3. Wulingo (nose) waterfall.

22. Geosite-Biluhu Blue hole

Figure 4. Biluhu blue ring atol.

Litology of limestones along this area generally varies from reef limestones to clastic limestones. Another interesting geosite in the Biluhu area is the Wulingo (nose) waterfall. In addition, the East Biluhu area also has a blue ring atoll which is a diving spot.


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