Geopark is a single or combined geographic area, which has a Geological Heritage Site (Geosite) and valuable landscapes, related to aspects of Geological Heritage, Geological Diversity, Biodiversity, and Cultural Diversity, and managed for the purposes of conservation, education, and sustainable community economic development with the active involvement of the community and local government, so that it can be used to foster public understanding and concern for the earth and the surrounding environment.

The provision of information on the existence of a Geopark (Geopark Visibility) is an information center, integrated information system, and a Geopark museum.

49. Museum

Figure 1. Popa-Eyato Archaeological Museum of Gorontalo Province.

50. Oluhuta information center

Figure 2. Glamorous camping literacy as an information center in Oluhuta site (PHP2D UKM Literasi UNG 2021).

51. website geopark Gorontalo

Figure 3. Geopark Gorontalo website.

52. information board

Figure 4. Information boards.

53. QR codes

Figure 5. QR Codes.

Visibility of Geopark Gorontalo continues to be improved. Collaboration between the local government and local communities also continues to be forged in the development of the Gorontalo Geopark.

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