Gorontalo Geopark area is a candidate to be designated as a National Geopark. Gorontalo Province as one of the aspiring National Geoparks, was given the opportunity to participate in the Virtual Advisory Mission in the Geopark Indonesia Summit 2021.

1. Geopark Gorontalo become national

Figure 1. The meeting to prepare for the participation of Gorontalo Province in the Virtual Advisory Mission in the 2021 Geopark Indonesia Summit led by Deputy Governor Idris Rahim in the Huyula Room of the Gorontalo Governorate (Photo: Haris).

The stages that have been passed in the development of the Gorontalo Geopark into a National Geopark, namely the geological heritage assessment that has been carried out by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, is currently waiting for its determination. The next stage is the determination as a National Geopark. Regarding efforts to accelerate the determination, Idris Rahim, the Deputy Governor of Gorontalo said several things that must be followed up immediately include synchronizing the program of activities of all related parties, preparing geopark master plans, and further research.

Meanwhile, the Head of Research and Development of the Gorontalo Province BAPPPEDA, Tity Iriani Datau, explained that during the Virtual Advisory Mission which will be held on 1 - 2 November 2021, Gorontalo Province will receive input from the Unesco Global Geopark assessor, G. Martini. Tity added that the potential Gorontalo Geopark proposed to become a National Geopark include Limboto Lake, Pentadio geothermal, Otanaha Fort, Karawo crafts, Kota Tua, Olele Marine Park, Oluhuta site, Dulanga Beach, Bubohu Religious Village, and Biluhu Beach.

Reporter: Haris.

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