In order to implement the mandate of Presidential Regulation Number 9 of 2019 concerning Geopark Development, several derivative Ministerial Regulations have been promulgated as references and guidelines for geopark development in Indonesia. In order to disseminate the derivative Ministerial Regulations and as a form of commitment from the Indonesian National Geopark Committee (KNGI) and all stakeholders (central government, regional governments, and stakeholders) in supporting and facilitating the acceleration of the development of Geopark management in Indonesia, the Indonesia Geopark Summit 2021 event was held.

4. virtual advisory mission

Figure 1. Virtual advisory mission with geopark experts.

One of the activities in the 2021 Geopark Indonesia Summit is the Virtual Advisory Mission with Mr. Guy Martini, the expert of the UNESCO Global Geopark Network. Virtual Advisory Mission Geopark Indonesia Summit 2021 will be held for 2 (two) days, Monday-Tuesday (1-2/11/2021). The virtual advisory mission was attended by several geoparks in Indonesia and aspring geoparks including Aspring Geopark Gorontalo. This activity is carried out virtually through zoom meeting.

5. Tim Geopark Gorontalo di site Dulanga

Figure 2. Gorontalo Geopark team during a virtual advisory mission at the Dulanga geosite (Photo: Ronald Paadang).

Gorontalo displays a thematic video of potential sites to explain what the Aspiring Geopark Gorontalo site is. Many parties participated in the success of the Virtual Advisory Mission Aspiring Geopark Gorontalo at the Geopark Indonesia Summit 2021 namely:

  1. Regional Development Planning Agency of Gorontalo Province;
  2. Department of Mining and Energy of Gorontalo Province;
  3. Department of Tourism of Gorontalo Province;
  4. Department of Fisheries and Marine Affairs of Gorontalo Province;
  5. Office of Communication, Information and Statistics of Gorontalo Province;
  6. Village Community Empowerment Office, Population Administration and Civil Registry of Gorontalo Province;
  7. Center for Energy and Mineral Resources and Geopark Studies, Universitas Negeri Gorontalo;
  8. Geological Engineering Laboratory, Universitas Negeri Gorontalo;
  9. UNG Geological Engineering P3D Team;
  10. UNG Literacy UKM PHP2D Team;
  11. Technical and creative team from Geological Engineering/Communications/English Literature major, Universitas Negeri Gorontalo.

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