Olele National Marine Park is a marine park and marine tourism area located in Gorontalo, Sulawesi, Indonesia. In 2006, the local government then designated the Olele Marine Park as a Regional Marine Conservation Area (KKLD). The aim is to maintain and preserve endemic marine life, coral reefs and other underwater beauty in this Marine Park.

Olele National Marine Park holds a lot of uniqueness. Shallow coral reefs at Olele can be seen at a depth of 0.5-1 meters below sea level. In addition to snorkeling spots, Olele Marine Park has dive spots, namely Jinn Cave, Honeycomb, Traffic Circle, and Muck Dive. Favorite dive spot is Jinn Cave. Jin Cave is very large, even the divers will not realize if they have entered the cave. Inside the Jin Cave there are two rock pillars beside which there is a narrow gap so that it feels dark and mysterious.

17. Biosites-Jinn Cave

Figure 1. Jinn Cave.

18. Biosites-Olele Marine National Park

Figure 2. Olele National Marine Park (Photo: Gorontalo Diving Center).

19. Biosites-Petrosia lignosa sponge

Figure 3. a) L'enigma del Desiderio painting by Salvador Dali; b) Unique Sponge Petrosia lignosa with Salvador Dali pattern.

20. Biosites-Petrosia lignosa with salvador dali pattern

Figure 4. Petrosia lignosa with Salvador Dali pattern (Photo: Gorontalo Diving Center).

Salvador Dali coral or Salvador Dali sponge is one of the endemic coral species and the only one in the world that can only be found in Gorontalo, Indonesia. This sponge is popularly known as the Salvador Dali Sponge among local and international divers. The name Salvador Dali is taken from the name of the Spanish painter, Salvador Dali, because the shape of the hollow and meandering sponge carving is similar to his work entitled L'enigma del Desiderio.



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