The tomb of Aulia Male Ta' Ilayabe is a tomb of a Hulubalang from the kingdom of Gorontalo named Tulutani Male who has the title 'Ta Ilayabe' which means he means a fan. This title was given because of his services in conquering the King of Ternate so that Gorontalo could be freed from colonialism.

4. Culture-Aulia Male Ta Ilayabe Tomb

Figure 1. Aulia Male Ta Ilayabe Tomb (Photo: Rahmat Ali).

5. Culture-The tomb of Aulia Male Ta Ilayabe location

Figure 2. The tomb of Aulia Male Ta Ilayabe is located in the mountains south of Gorontalo (Photo: Rahmat Ali)

Ta Ilayabe is also known as an aulia or also called a holy person and a high priest who spread Islam in the Gorontalo region. Therefore, the tomb of Ta Ilayabe became a religious tourism destination.


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