Saripi granodiorite is equivalent to Boliyohuto Diorite (Tmbo) which is Middle Miocene to Late Miocene age and belongs to period 2 (early magmatism-volcanism) of Gorontalo. The formation process of Saripi granodiorite is interpreted to have formed about ± 13 million years ago.

Saripi Granodiorite

Figure 1. Saripi Granodiorite

2. Geosite-Hill of a Thousand Stones

Figure 2. Hill of a Thousand Stones in Tanjung Harapan (Photo: Arfandi Ibrahim)

3. Geosite-Garden Stone of Tanjung Harapan

Figure 2. Garden Stone of Tanjung Harapan (Photo: Arfandi Ibrahim)

In the northern part of the Saripi granodiorite hill there is a hill that has almost the same characteristics. This hill is known as the Hill of a Thousand Stones and Garden Stone. The rocks in this area are interpreted as belonging to the early magmatism-volcanism period of Gorontalo.


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