Petrified wood scattered in the river in the Bongomeme area. Tohupo wood fossils have been found at river point bars and riverbanks. The rocks found in the river outcrop are claystone, sandstone, tuff, and soil layers.

11. Geosite-Tohupo Petrified Wood

Figure 1. Tohupo petrified wood.

12. Geosite-Petrified wood in Tohupo, Bongomeme

Figure 2. Petrified wood in Tohupo, Bongomeme

Tohupo petrified woods were found in the tuff layer on the river terrace walls, and some on the river floor. Wood fossils vary in size from small ± 10 – 20 cm to large ones with a length of ± 1 meter. Colors of wood fossils observed in black, white, grey, and light brown.


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